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About Us : Frutas Loar S.L


Frutas Loar is a family business dedicated to the trading, packing and export of fresh citrus fruits. Having more than 40 years experience in the fruit industry, our mission has been, from the beginning, taking care of our customers’ needs, supplying them throughout the year the highest quality produce.

The achievement of outstanding quality in our citrus is drawn from our broad knowledge in citrus cultivation and care. Our excellent customer service is the result of constant focus on our customer needs, our constant drive towards improvement and delivery of excellent produce.

Our business model gives us a high degree of flexibility to serve our customers as quick as possible. After selecting the best harvests, which have our personal supervision and care until the fruit is ready for collection, a trained team harvests the citrus and they are transported to the packing house. In a precise and careful way, the fruit is washed, disinfected, selected, classified, sized, packed and delivered to the customer.

You can find our brand in Spanish , European and Worldwide markets. Currently, we continue looking for new markets and new challenges.

Located 10 minutes south of Murcia city, Frutas Loar enjoy excellent road and rail access and is close to two airports (Murcia International and Alicante).

Frutas Loar Lorries



 Murcia is situated in the southeast of Spain. It is bordered by Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha, Valencia and the Mediterranean Sea. Murcia region covers an area of 11,300km² and has a population of around 1.5 million.

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You can buy Frutas Loar Products by calling:    Para Español +(34) 968 82 04 71   or  English Speaking +(44) 203 287 0677