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Citrus Articles : Frutas Loar S.L

Citrus and health.

Iced lemonade or orange juice is more than refreshing. Their antioxidant power and its high levels of vitamin C are some of their benefits.

In addition, the citrus fruits help to regulate the intestine function and avoid constipation; they have a huge dietetic interest, as they own beneficial effects in prevention and treatments of diabetes, obesity, gall bladder stones, haemorrhoids, varicose veins and excess of cholesterol. Their high degree of amount of water facilitates toxins elimination and helps to maintain the organism hydration.

These fruits have high potassium content, for this reason citruses are included in special diets and they are very recommendable for sportsmen or for those who use medicines to help the elimination of excess of liquid in the body. Its consumption is also useful for people who suffer diabetes, as an orange increase the level of glucose and help to prevent hypoglycaemia, meaning an abrupt and dangerous decrease of glucose levels in the blood.


Oranges rich in vitamin C offer another important, but less popular nutritional benefit: the citruses’ “limonoides”. Some tests made in laboratory have shown that “limonoides” have helped to fight cancers of the mouth.

The citruses have the property to improve the healing of the wounds, alleviate gum bleeding, reduce the effect of many substances producing allergy, prevent common cold and fortify the general organism defences.

Fight against osteoporosis.

An orange juice glass or two a day could help to prevent bone fractures related to osteoporosis. This is the conclusion of a new study of the EE.UU with rats.

A research showed that regular doses of grapefruit and orange juice helped to prevent osteoporosis and fortified the bones of male rats with low levels of circulating testosterone.

Vitamin C is necessary to produce collagen, which is important for the growth and reparation of cells and tissue, gums, vessels, bones and teeth.

Author: Portoviejo, Date: 14-08-2006 Source

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