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Citrus Articles : Frutas Loar S.L

Lemons help to improve our health.

  • For liver and gall bladder diseases as it stimulates gall bladder secretions. We notice its effectiveness when we see that it helps us to digest greasy foods. Taking a table spoon of virgin olive oil with a squeeze of lemon when being fasting (slowly salivating) has a surprising effect on liver and vesicle.
  • Don’t forget to take it in spring as it is when the liver needs a good encouragement.
  • The lemon is highly recommended when we have cholesterol as it facilitates his elimination.
  • Ideal in summer (as iced lemonade) since it has a refreshing and energising effects. It perfectly can replace other summer refreshing drinks.
  • The lemon is ideal to fight the arterial hypertension since it contains a high potassium level and a low level of sodium. If salt must be avoided, lemons can be used as a dressing for meats, fish and salads.
  • Their vitamin C richness, refreshing effect and purifying capacity, makes them very convenient to fight against fever or flu process. If the person has fever and feels very cold, then it is convenient to take it with hot water and honey.
  • It is suitable for many problems of gums since it is helps to stop haemorrhages and it is rich in vitamin C (to do mouth rinsing with a glass with half water half lemon). Indeed their vitamin C richness has made it traditionally very recommendable to avoid scurvy.
  • It improves throat diseases (throat infections, laryngitis, etc.). To take lemon with hot water and honey (also gargle with this mixture).
  • Diabetic people would benefit themselves, drinking water with a lemon squeeze (this purifies them, energises and stimulates the pancreas and liver).
  • The lemon usually is prohibited to rheumatic people since it is considered very acid. However, in really it tends to eliminate the acidity of the organism since their acids are metabolized during digestion in order to produce potassium carbonate. This indeed helps the neutralization of excess of acids in the organism, being able to alleviate the rheumatic and arthritic pains.
  • It can be very helpful with some congestions and headaches, if they are related to the liver (for example when they appear after a greasy or abundant food).
  • Its richness in vitamin C and bioflavonoid are ideal to fortify the capillaries and to avoid tendencies to allergies, hematomas, little veins with spider shape.
  • For greasy skins we can smoothly rub the skin with cotton soaked in lemon juice and let it dry.
  • Many people apply fresh lemon juice directly on wounds and insects bites as it disinfects, stops the haemorrhages and helps to healing.


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