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Citrus Articles : Frutas Loar S.L

Oranges help to improve our health.

  • Thanks to its high level of nutrients it has a great energizing effect for that reason it is very suitable for children, old and convalescent people.
  • The orange helps to fight constipation thanks to its fibre and its magnesium content. In addition it helps the elimination of toxic intestinal bacteria helping thus, to recover the “positive” intestinal flora.
  • It is also helpful in cases of cystitis or chronic infections of urinary tubes as additionally to its diuretic effect, it is rich in citric acid, which produces a disinfectant effect. It can change the urine pH, creating therefore a non suitable territory for those bacteria.
  • The orange, thanks to their variety of nutrients, helps us to have a good vital rhythm and drive away apathy and discouragement.
  • It can be useful in some cases of headaches, particularly when they are caused by excess of toxins in the organism. It helps, then, the organism purifying processes.
  • Antioxidant effect due to its vitamin C richness.
  • Their richness in vitamin C and its energizing effect make them a good allied in cases of flu and colds. It is ideal in those congestion states, when we do not have appetite and we looked for something that hydrates and purifies us simultaneously.
  • Although generally speaking, they must be avoided by people with very delicate stomachs, at the same time, it is true that oranges usually are useful with some digestive problems (can regulate hydrochloric acid secretions, calm the stomach aches, etc.). In these cases, try to take orange juices always before or between meals. Always consult to your doctor to your particular case.
  • Highly suitable for people who want to weight watchers as they purify and simultaneously nourish us without putting getting fat. It is highly recommended as a mid-morning or afternoon snack.
  • Very suitable in cases of cramps or muscular inclines since it provides us with lots of potassium and magnesium.


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