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Citrus Articles : Frutas Loar S.L

Mandarins help to improve our health.

Its great vitamin C contribution makes it an indispensable food on every home’s table. Taking four mandarins daily, we will cover the daily vitamin C needs, being especially important for pregnant women, smokers, breast feeding mothers and diabetic people. In addition, as it is antioxidant, it can prevent degenerative diseases.

This citrus contains potassium, necessary for the correct development of cellular metabolism, and calcium that fortifies bones and teeth. Clementine also own high levels of fibre, which can avoid cardiovascular diseases, constipation, cancer of colon and obesity. Regarding to this last help we should mention that citruses can be an important part in slimming diets, since they generate satiety sensation.

Winter is a season, when colds seem to never disappear. Thus, an appropriate mandarin consumption can reduce these annoying cold symptoms. Its consumption is highly recommended for old people as it protects them from typical and common infections during this time of the year.

  • The pulp contains vitamin C, vitamin B, citric acid, reducing sugar and carotene.
  • It has bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Suitable in ulcers treatments as it helps to the intestine and digestion.
  • It has an obvious disinfecting action.
  • It fights the development of diseases cardiovascular, degenerative and cancer.
  • It has diuretic effect, being very beneficial in cases of hyperuricemia or gout.
  • It is used to prepare drinks and oils.


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